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What people say about working with us.

“Our management and ownership team had the pleasure of working with Ingrid and Smart HR. With leaders at all levels, Ingrid worked with us to customize the content to suit our specific needs, and the results were fantastic. Ingrid is an excellent facilitator and kept our group engaged, motivated and inspired the entire day. The tools and resources provided have been easily integrated into our workplace and continue to grow our team and create value at all levels. We see an improved clarity in strategy, messaging and delivery that is driving our entire team to success. I highly recommend Smart HR to anyone who wants to bring their team together to understand the fundamentals of leadership communication.”

– Larissa Domay, My Chosen Restaurant

“I would like to say, that this is the best money you will ever spend when you Invest in yourself and your employees. Ingrid will lead you through a great learning experience. She is intuitive, she listens and she gives excellent feedback. She was able to tailor our time together to meet our needs and gave us the tools to continue to evaluate team growth and effect change.”

– Debbie Clark, Kamloops Medical Centre

We have had the privilege of working with Ingrid Vaughn from Smart HR on our last two hires.  She has also been instrumental, as a consultant, in defining and building our culture.  She very quickly understood what matters to our company and delivered beyond our expectations.  Smart HR has quickly become a trusted business partner and adds great value to our business.  We would highly recommend Ingrid, and Smart HR, for anything HR related.”

– Victoria Shannon, Hansbraun Investments Ltd.